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Supporting leaders, organizations and communities in finding their common story, taking collective action, and achieving results that matter.

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"With Paula's help, our staff got in touch with the core values that guide our work. We came together as a more cohesive team where everyone feels a sense of responsibility for the results that matter most."

  • — Executive Director
         (New York, NY)
  • About Paula Manley Consulting

    Are you working for a better world? I support leaders, organizations, and communities in achieving their visions. I work with diverse organizations and networks who are advancing culture through the arts, animating democracy with independent media voices, conserving and restoring our environment, empowering people with housing and jobs, creating locally-rooted businesses, and building a more just and equitable society.

    As an experienced executive director, program director and nonprofit board leader, I bring extensive practical knowledge to my facilitation and consulting services. I can help you with…

    Based in Portland, Oregon, I work throughout the U.S. with individual organizations, national membership associations, and multi-agency initiatives. With large projects I often collaborate with other consultants from my well-developed network of colleagues.