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Supporting leaders, organizations and communities in finding their common story, taking collective action, and achieving results that matter.

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"Paula has done a fantastic job helping us grow our leadership and our organization... Her facilitation skills, sense of humor, and obvious depth of knowledge have helped us become a more stable and productive organization."

  • — Executive Director
         (Portland, OR)
  • Approach and Core Values

    Our work together begins with dialogue. What outcomes would you like to see? What are your organization's accomplishments? What has changed in your operating environment?

    I am committed to understanding your strengths and challenges, and respecting the knowledge already present within your team, organization and network.

    My facilitation and consulting services are customized and relationship-based, rooted in the following core values:

    Participation. Encouraging involvement, tapping individual and collective wisdom.

    Cultural Diversity. Recognizing and integrating cultural differences as sources of strength.

    Collaboration. Facilitating common agendas and processes for effective joint action.

    Equity. Treating people with fairness while working to transform historic and systemic inequities

    Creativity. Encouraging creativity, play, and the power of stories to unlock hidden potential.

    Empowerment. Seeking to support and develop the capabilities of self and others.

    Public Voice. Making space for each individual to come to voice within a group; encouraging participation in community life.

    Lifelong Learning. Recognizing that we are all students and teachers.

    Stewardship. Strengthening our commons—all that we co-create and steward for current and future generations.