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Supporting leaders, organizations and communities in finding their common story, taking collective action, and achieving results that matter.

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this truly remarkable Leadership Institute! I move forward with renewed enthusiasm, a strong sense of my abilities and my place within my organization, and an appreciation for the remarkable colleagues in my field. This Institute makes a turning point in how I will think, plan, lead, evaluate others, and evaluate myself."

  • — Associate Director
         (Chicago, IL)
  • Leadership Development

    Strengthening Leadership

    Leadership is a crucial aspect of every effective organization and social change movement.

    I support emerging and experienced leaders in many ways: facilitating workshops to strengthen board capabilities; utilizing assessment tools to help executives and teams improve their performance; coaching board leaders and executives to create productive working partnerships; and leading intensive institutes and retreats to deepen skills and knowledge, build peer networks, and renew energy!