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"Thank you for your help with our executive succession planning effort. I feel such a sense of relief. I no longer feel that this is all on my shoulders."

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         Director (Portland, OR)
  • Resources and Articles

    The following articles and guides are available to download as PDFs:

    About Strategic Planning. Why conduct strategic planning? This overview highlights the benefits of planning and the prerequisites for success.

    Participatory Strategic Planning Cycle. What is involved in strategic planning? This chart outlines key elements within the strategic planning cycle: assessment, vision, barriers, strategic directions, and implementation.

    Succession Planning: Preparing for Leadership Transitions. What is succession planning? This article highlights two approaches: emergency succession planning and succession planning for strategic development.

    Navigating Leadership Transitions. This chart that maps out what to expect with the departure of a long-term executive, including feelings that arise in organizations and actions leaders can take to support the process of change.

    Tips for Boards of Directors in Managing Leadership Transitions. "I'm on the board and our executive director is leaving. Now what?" This tip sheet highlights what to do and what to avoid in managing your organization's executive transition.

    Envisioning Leadership Succession: Questions for Founders and Long-Term Executives. As a long-term executive or founder, are you thinking about leaving? Is your organization well-prepared? This list of nine questions will get you started on preparing the way for succession.

    Laying the Foundation to Sustain Your Mission. How do we set the stage for long-term success? This outline includes key practices that help organizations sustain their missions over time.

    Engaging Committees. Are your committees functioning well? This basic overview highlights factors that support committee effectiveness, including a handy checklist.