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"The strategic planning process you led got our entire board and staff on the same page. Our funders have been impressed with the final plan and, even more important, we now have a user-friendly tool to track our progress every quarter."

  • — Executive Director
         (Seattle, WA)
  • Strategic Planning

    Developing Actionable Strategic Plans and Business Plans

    Planning helps people move together to enact their mission in an environment of continuous change.

    The strategic planning process typically includes several elements: affirming or updating your mission and values, assessing your capacity and operating environment, co-creating a shared vision for the future, determining your strategic directions, and committing to measures of success.

    To improve your organization’s sustainability, an update of your business model may also be in order. This involves analyzing the mission impact and revenue sources associated with all program areas—setting the stage to make strategic changes.

    People support what they co-create. With proven frameworks and participatory planning methods, such as interactive retreats and work sessions, I'll help you create plans that get everyone on the same page—with accountability for results.