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"Paula's insightfulness and depth of experience were invaluable to our restructuring process and helped me personally to lead the organization through a very challenging time. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

  • — Acting Director
         (Portland, OR)
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    Facilitating Dynamic Meetings and Retreats

    "Paula's facilitation was thoughtful and helpful, with just enough guidance but not too much. It all worked. She had a process laid out, but then saw we were getting there another way, and so she altered her approach a bit. Paula allowed the discussion to flow organically inside a loose structure she established and maintained. She's a pro."
    — Board Member (Portland, OR)

    "The retreat Paula designed for our stakeholders was a huge success! We were able to get a diverse group of 40 people energized and engaged in planning for the future, including making specific action commitments that will help achieve our campaign goals."
    — Associate Director (San Francisco, CA)

    Assessing Organizational and Program Effectiveness

    "Our organization was at a crossroads and we needed to make major change. Paula was thoughtful, thorough and focused in assessing our organization. With skill and compassion, she guided the staff and board to understand the situation, analyze the options, and make critical decisions about our future."
    — Acting Director (Portland, OR)

    "Paula's work on program evaluation was crucial to the success of our youth media initiative. The evaluation process she designed with us enabled our team to learn and to grow over a three-year period, and her outstanding annual reports gave us quantifiable results that helped us secure major funding."
    — Program Director (Portland, OR)

    Developing Actionable Strategic Plans

    "Paula guided our team throughout the strategic planning process to create and implement significant change in our organization. With skill, humor and grace, she brought out the best in our leadership team, helping us to focus on what matters most to those we serve. We are truly excited and ready to engage our community in new ways."
    — Executive Director (Gresham, OR)

    "The strategic planning process you led got our entire board and staff on the same page. Our funders have been impressed with the final plan and, even more important, we now have a user-friendly tool to track our progress every quarter."
    — Executive Director (Seattle, WA)

    Planning for Leadership Transitions

    "The departure of our founding Executive Director after nine years came at a busy time. I really didn't know how we were going to handle a search! Paula made our process very polished, very thorough, and a great experience for the Board and candidates alike."
    — Board President (Portland, OR)

    "I want to compliment you on the quality of your service during our executive leadership transition. You've led us through this entire process with assurance and given us clarity and confidence as we take these important next steps."
    — Board Member (Providence, RI)

    "Thank you for your help with our executive succession planning effort. I feel such a sense of relief. I no longer feel that this is all on my shoulders."
    — Long-Term Executive Director (Portland, OR)

    Strengthening Leadership

    "Paula has done a fantastic job helping us grow our leadership and our organization. Most recently she led us through a board self-assessment training that mobilized our board to create a board development plan. Her facilitation skills, sense of humor, and obvious depth of knowledge have helped us become a more stable and productive organization."
    — Executive Director (Portland, OR)

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you for this truly remarkable Leadership Institute! I move forward with renewed enthusiasm, a strong sense of my abilities and my place within my organization, and an appreciation for the remarkable colleagues in my field. This Institute makes a turning point in how I will think, plan, lead, evaluate others, and evaluate myself."
    — Associate Director (Chicago, IL)

    "Paula did an amazing job as our Interim Executive Director. She stepped into the middle of a really difficult situation, solved a lot of operational problems and stabilized the organization. Paula also helped us think about our organizational vision and articulate where we wanted to go as we prepared for a new executive director."
    — Board Chair (Portland, OR)

    "The leadership retreat provided an incredible framework, tool kit, and support structure for better understanding my own leadership skills and potential, and for readily applying that knowledge to the continued growth of my organization. What I learned, formally and informally, is already deeply informing my work back in the real world."
    — Executive Director (Chicago, IL)

    Building Collaborative Cultures and Teams

    "Paula has been very helpful in our efforts to bring a culture of team leadership to the organization. She is a gifted facilitator who knows many effective processes for bringing greater coherence to an organization, and she was brilliant at adapting those processes to our particular needs."
    — Executive Director (Austin, TX)

    "With Paula's help, our staff got in touch with the core values that guide our work. We came together as a more cohesive team where everyone feels a sense of responsibility for the results that matter most."
    — Executive Director (New York, NY)

    "The self-assessment and the communication styles work helped me to learn my strengths and make adjustments to work better with others in my organization. I have relied on this knowledge in every meeting--with the board, the staff and our members. Thank you!"
    — Executive Director (Austin, TX)

    Guiding Organizational Start-Ups and Restructuring

    "We benefited greatly through working with Paula to establish our organization as a 501-c-3 nonprofit. The planning process she led paved the way for us to thrive, and we continue to use her tools to work through difficulties, identify priority goals and to track our progress."
    — Board Member (Philadelphia, PA)

    "Paula's insightfulness and depth of experience were invaluable to our restructuring process and helped me personally to lead the organization through a very challenging time. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
    — Acting Director (Portland, OR)